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Hello History Lovers

Hello and welcome to the Jenny Robin Jones website for history lovers.

Here are a few pointers on what you can find on the site.

Many descendants of the early pioneers have held large family reunions in recent years. Family Reunions investigates why this is important to the descendants, how reunions enrich history and what can be involved in organising one.

History is not only all about us, but it's about all of us, or should be, so how does it get recorded and passed on? What's the Point? kicks off the discussion.

Perhaps you have never considered the existence of the feral historian. Like history itself, these creatures are all around and about you. How do the little savages approach history and should thesis historians care?

No Simple Passage, a book about the journey of early Victorian immigrants on the London in 1842 and their lives in pioneer New Zealand, was released by Random House NZ in April 2012. One reader said it gave the best picture of early Wellington days she had ever come across.


From the Outside World

For info about online reviews of No Simple Passage and related interviews and articles go to Reviews.

For information about obtaining copies of No Simple Passage, go to How to buy.

Writers are among the main recorders and passers on of what happened and of course it is not long before they themselves become history. Writers in Residence, published in 2004, offers over 300 scintillating pages about New Zealand's very first writers. Spin-offs from the book include links to online essays about nineteenth century New Zealand writers such as William Satchell, Jessie Mackay, Lady Barker and Alfred Domett.

Historian's World helps you navigate through funding possibilities, residencies, research resources, review organs, historical journals, related organisations and further links. Your input to this page would be deeply appreciated.

As for current work, I am researching for a book about belonging. This is taking me on a journey through the past as well as the present. It’s a big, exciting subject and one that touches us all.


Speaker for Hire

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Sorry about the ego element but there is a little attention given to the history of jennyrobinjones and the cautionary tale of how she got to be the history-loving creature she is today. The history of how the Jones forbears came to New Zealand and what they did there will, in the fullness of time, also grace this section.

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What else? No, that's enough for starters. Have a good day!

Honest history is the weapon of freedom

A.M. Schlesinger, Jr